Agnieswari M

I'm a


I'm Agnieswari, a fullstack web developer. I'd love to call myself a constant learner, because I believe that learning is a never ending process for those who are curious to explore. I've always been this kind of person who loved to find solution for every problem I encountered. This interest was the reason to choose the field of computer science, where problems that needed optimised solution was endless.

Web Developer.

Here is some of my personal information, in case if you want to know more about me...

  • Birthday: 27 May 1998
  • Website:
  • Phone: 6369215746
  • City: Pettai, Tirunelveli
  • Age: 22
  • Degree: Master of computer Applications
  • Email:
  • Languages Known: Tamil, English

In addition to this, I'd love to mention my hobbies. I love music like anything in the world. I listen to various music genres like classical, folk, pop music and a lot more. Other than music, I surf the internet, watch some good movies and hang out with my friends in liesure time.


These are some of the notable skillset I posses in the field of web development and document management

HTML 95%
CSS 85%
MySQL 75%
PHP 75%
MS-Office 90%
VB.Net 55%


I'm actively seeking for a challenging position and an amazing working environment where I can utilize all my hard earned experience and academic knowledge to elevate my skillset and add value to the organization.


Agnieswari M

Highly self-motivated person who is always ready to learn new things. Have potential to work on a task under pressure and complete it on time. Excellent communication skills, can work as an individual and in a team as well


Master of Computer Application

2018 - 2020

Vellalar College for Women, Erode

I have passed the above mentioned course with 78.23%. While doing my masters degree I learnt the important and advanced concepts in the field of computer science.

Bachelor of computer technology

2015 - 2018

Vellalar College for Women, Erode

I have completed my bachelors degree in computer application with 73.22%. During this period I got to learn the fundamentals of web development and other important domains.


Online Construction Agency Management

UG Project

Vellalar College for Women, Erode

  • Our project is a web based application that was developed using PHP as frontend and MySQL as backend.

Thread Requirement Estimation

PG Project

Vellalar College for Women, Erode

  • A software application that is developed using VB.Net as frontend and MySQL as the backend

Professional Experience


Junior Fullstack Developer and Business Analyst

  • A member in a freelancing team as developer and analyst
  • Worked on developing several websites with amazing UI and Responsiveness.
  • Managed up to 3 projects at a given time while under pressure
  • Also managed to work as business analyst by analysing each and every project
  • Gave suitable recommendation and consultation to clients on the most appropriate Website design
  • Experience Certificate Provided By My Freelancing Team Head


Here I present you, some of my successful projects as a freelancer. I worked on developing both static and dynamic websites including an APK Application. I was involved in UI/UX development.

  • All
  • Static Websites
  • Dynamic Websites
  • APK Applications


Static Web Page

Ladydoak College


architecture studio

static web Page


dynamic web page

Ladydoak College



static web page


dynamic web page


dynamic web page

Ladydoak College


personal Portfolio web page

static web page

Construction company

static web page

My personal portfolio Website

static web Page


No matter how strong we are in technical skills, there is also a need for the presence of basic qualities which each and every working person must be having in them. The qualities of mine includes


Our dedication in something shows how much we're involved in it. Whatever be the task given, I do it utmost dedication


Anything that is delivered after the given time is of no use. I always try to complete the work on time everytime.


Communication is a crucial function which is really important for a management. I never fail to communicate things that really matters for the welfare of the management.


Even if an individual is talented enough to do anything, it can't match the level of teamwork. I listen to everyone's opinion, discuss about it and carry out the work accordingly.

Decision Making

A single wrong decision is just enough to collapse an entire organization at any point. I decide everything only after proper planning and research.


Last but no the least, empathy is a basic human quality which essential for the peaceful management of the organization. I'm confident that I'm an empathetic person and would never leave that quality.


MR Senthil Kumar


Agnieswari was a disciplined and dedicated student. She has the natural ability to learn things in a short period of time.

MR nagaraj


She was one of the curious students in the class who always tried to learn new stuffs and that level of curiosity helped her gain more knowledge in whatever she learnt

MR suresh kumar

Project Member

Agnieswari is a great team player. she always listen to the ideas and suggestions of other team members and work accordingly with cooperation. It was really great working with her.

Venkatesh Ponraj


Agnieswari is a knowledgeable and deadline driven person who never fails to complete the given work on time. She is always known for her punctuality and passion. Would love to see her reach greater heights.

kamali sree

Team Member

She was my fellow mate in freelancing team . She was such an excellent teammate, she was very much involved in the project, that really helped our team in completing the project on time with perfection.



88 V.V.K Street, Pettai, Tirunelveli